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We are always looking to expand our team. This includes drivers, tuners, painters as well as increasing our media team. Its our aim to enter as many race series as possible and to achieve our goal the bigger the team the better.



Racing is a lot more fun when you’re driving a competitive car. Its not always about the winning, but no one likes being miles off the pace. Thats why our tuning department is always looking to boast its ranks.


There's no point in having the best looking cars with the best set-ups if we don't have any drivers. We are always looking for new drivers to join us. For us, its not just about being the quickest. We are just glad to be able to offer people a chance to forfill their potential. We have experience with novices as well as more experienced drivers. We race on most of the big sites and I'm sure we'll be able to find a race series that suits you.

Racing Drivers

If you are interested in joining but you are unsure what is required, don't panic we don't expect you to work day & night. It may only take a couple of hours a week but you will have a chance to join one of the fastest growing Forza teams.

We can also offer series by series contacts.This means you don't actually have to become a MNM member. This is popular with several top racers using this option.

Or you can jump in with both feet and become a fully signed up member.

Check out our forum for more details


You'll have the chance to work alongside our current design team. As we expand we'll need fresh ideas which is where you come. If all you want to do is create designs featuring famous energy drinks then you'd probably best not apply. We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd.

Painters / Designers

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