As a team we've come a long way since we first entered our first race early in the early summer of 2012. Thanks to the help of some key people we've been able to establish ourselves as a respected team. 'Dare To Be Different' sums up our attitude towards racing. There are too many teams that lack identity. Thanks to our design team we are able to turn out cars that stand out and hopefully turn some heads. As well as our dedicated team we are pleased to have Vortex Exhausts as our sponsor. A company that sponsors many different teams in motorsport and we are proud to say we were one of the first

Dare To Be Different

It would be very easy for us to just carry on as we are. Except that we are a small team and to continue to look up to the bigger teams with envy. That isn't what we want to do, we want to continue to grow and continue to offer something different. With help from our sponsors we will always be happy to offer short term contracts, taking the hassle out of racing. Now we are in a position to recruit more full time drivers and help them develop.


The Future

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